Athens Photo Festival workshops give you the chance to get intensive hands-on experiences in a variety of fields and genres with some of the industry’s leading creators. Join us!

Stergios Karavatos

20/11, 23/11, 27/11, 30/11

The Photographic Act: An Introduction

This workshop is addressed to people with no particular photographic knowledge who are interested to approach photography both technically and through a broader perspective of the medium and its practice. 4 multilayered meetings where technique, theory and practice interact and mix with each other. […]

Eleni Mouzakiti
Labros Papanikolatos


Urban Nightscape Photography

This seminar – workshop is intended for people who draw inspiration from the city at night. Following a two-hours introductory exposition of the technical issues involved in night photography(e.g. low light conditions) and the aesthetic issues involved in the urban nightscape imagery, the participants together with the workshop instructors will be walking in a particular neighborhood in order to take photographs. […]

Lefteris Pitarakis
Chryssa Panousiadou


DSLR Video & Sound for Photographers

This is a three-day intensive workshop under the guidance of two internationally acclaimed photo practitioners, Lefteris Pitarakis (photojournalist of Associated Press, London) and Chryssa Panousiadou (photographer and filmmaker). The workshop will introduce a limited number of participants in the methodology, techniques and creative possibilities of the latest advancements in DSLR technology. […]

Dr Thanasis Moutsopoulos
Dr Nikos Panayotopoulos
Dr Penelope Petsini

25/11, 27/11, 2/12, 4/12, 9/12, 11/12

Photography: Contemporary Theory & Practice

A seminar introducing contemporary issues related to art and photography theory, presented by academics from the field of photography and art history. The overall 6 sessions, 3 hours each, include presentation and analysis of images, and provide notes, bibliography and further references. […]

Yannis Behrakis



This program is a 4-day practice oriented workshop under the guidance of Yannis Behrakis. Participants will be introduced to the methodology, techniques and ethics of photojournalism, participating in an intensive program of shooting, daily reviews and mentoring. […]

Antonis Granis

30/11 & 1/12

Colour Management for Photographers

Colour management ensures a framework of colour communication between machines, software, and the user. This seminar transferring the knowledge in such a way that is comprehensive to all, regardless of their training background. Our goal is for you to obtain the ability to locate the problem, analyze, and solve it. […]

Costis Antoniadis

4/12 & 11/12

Portfolio Preparation

This intensive workshop offers practical advice to preparing portfolios and the chance for participants to get feedback on their work. […]