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Unfolded Chapters, representing our annual celebration of photobooks, takes the form of a curated group exhibition anchored in a thematic exploration. This initiative stems from our desire to delve into our and your libraries, unearthing older gems that deserve another chance in the spotlight. With the primary goal being to breathe fresh life into previous publications, Unfolded Chapters becomes a narrative journey that invites viewers to rediscover and recontextualize the works encapsulated in each selected publication, thus bridging the past and present in the realm of photobook storytelling. There is NO restriction on the release date of the books, the submission is open to new and old releases.

Photobooks will be selected from an OPEN CALL and the APhF Library, which contains more than 5,500 titles. The OPEN CALL will run from 25 March until 30 April. Applicants can apply with photobooks that they believe respond to the main theme of the exhibition. There is no restriction of the form of the publications, e.g. photobooks, zines, short and/or limited editions, newspaper, handmade, self published etc.

This year’s exhibition as part of Unfolded Chapters is titled Paper Graveyards, which takes its name from the book by Eduardo Cadava.
Paper Graveyards is a generously illustrated training manual for reading images, considering work by Félix Nadar, Roland Barthes, Leon Golub, Nancy Spero, Fazal Sheikh, Susan Meiselas, and others. Cadava delineates different modes of reading that – taking their point of departure from the conviction that the past, present and future are always interwoven – provide us with a ‘training manual’ to understand visual material in the twenty-first century. These generously illustrated essays actively expand our sense of literacy by reconstructing the networks of relations that inhabit the plural worlds of images, and create a critical genealogy of what we still call an image – even when, with each day that passes, our understanding of what this might mean appears to diminish.

We invite artists to submit their photobooks that actively expand our sense of literacy by reconstructing the networks of relations within the plural worlds of images. Whether exploring critical genealogies or reimagining the meaning of visual culture, we are eager to receive submissions that challenge and enrich our understanding of what it means to engage with images in today’s world.

Join us in creating a critical dialogue that navigates the complex landscapes of visual materiality. Submissions should align with the themes explored in Paper Graveyards and contribute to the ongoing conversation surrounding visual literacy and interpretation.

Deadline for submissions: April 30, 2024.

What Selected Photobooks Receive

• Up to 50 selected photobooks will be part of the Paper Graveyards exhibition during APhF, June/July 2024
• Profiled in APhF print catalog
• Featured on the APhF website, social media channels and partner press publications
• Selected books will be available for the public to purchase during APhF (upon agreement with the publisher and/or artist)
• Free festival admission: All selected artists will receive complimentary entry tickets to APhF:24

How to Apply

• Apply using the online entry form and submit all required information and entry materials
• Complete payment
• Send 1 copy of your submitted book alongside your submission form, ensuring it is postmarked no later than 30 April 2024. The book needs to be sent to the address: Hellenic Center of Photography, Stratigou Kontouli 3, 117 42 Athens – Greece
• Information required for each photobook submitted: photobook title / photographer name / year of publication / publisher, designer, editor information / short description (max. 2000 characters) / short biography (max. 1000 characters), photobook dimensions, number of pages, edition number or print run
• Photobook dimensions, number of pages, edition number or print run
• An image of the photobook cover (jpg file)


A confirmation email will be sent upon receipt of your entry. If you haven’t received confirmation within two days of submission, please contact us to verify the status of your entry.

Entry Fee

The application fee is €15 for each submitted book.

Entry fee can be paid using various methods, including credit or debit card, PayPal, bank transfer, or international money order. For payment instructions, click here.

Deadline and Time Frame

01 April 2024: Call for entries.
30 April 2024: Deadline to submit. Photobooks MUST be physically received and must be postmarked no later than 30 April 2024; any photobooks received after the deadline will not be considered.
16 May 2024: Announcement of selected photobooks via email.
6 June 2024: APhF Opening and Paper Graveyards Exhibition Opening.


• The photobook must be primarily photography-driven, whether in the form of new or archival images. The inclusion of other artistic disciplines is welcome, providing the overall photobook is focused on photography.
• All photobooks must respond to this year’s theme of Paper Graveyards
• The photobook has no print run or edition restriction
• The photobook has no release date restrictions
• Entries may only be submitted by the artist, the publisher or a third party with the written consent of the artist or publisher.
• The selected photobooks cannot be returned after the festival

Terms and Conditions

By submitting your work to the APhF Book Program, you declare your consent with our Terms and Conditions.

Read the Terms & Conditions for the Unfolded Chapters

1) The call is open to all publishers, photographers, and artists who use photography from all over the world.
2) Physical copies should be sent to Hellenic Center of Photography, 3 Stratigou Kontouli, 117 42 Athens (GR) and must be postmarked no later than 30 April 2024.
3) Please add a label to the outside of the package stating: “BOOK WITH NO COMMERCIAL VALUE”.
4) If the parcel containing the photobook is delayed by the Customs Office, the applicant will be responsible for covering any related clearance costs.
5) The submission fee of €15 applies to a single book. Applicants are welcome to submit more than one project. Each submission requires a separate entry form and payment of a separate fee.
6) All submissions should include a completed submission form, including a duly signed declaration of consent, a complete description of the project (max. 2000 characters with spaces), a biography of the artist (max. 500 characters), and contact details and relevant social media/website links.
7) All entries must be physically received and no refunds will be given if the photobooks are not delivered on time.
8) All artists will be notified of their submission status by 16 May 2024.
9) Travel to and accommodation during the festival are excluded and shall be borne solely by the applicant.
10) All books submitted to APhF may be returned to the sender, if requested within 2 months after the festival ends. The artist covers the €5 handling fee and shipping costs.

Contact and FAQs

For queries, you can contact us via email at

For Frequently Asked Questions about the Book Program, click here.

Are you ready to submit?