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Curated by: Nikolaos Stathopoulos, Sylvia Solakidi, Demosthenes Agrafiotis
Eva Giannakopoulou, Anastasis Grivas, Happlnk, Foteini Hatzimichail, Maria Iliopoulou, Alexandra Ioannidi, The Flower Girls, Markela Kontaratou, Andi Lazarou, Maria Lympoura,Rilene Markopoulou, Vasiliki Psarrou, Apostolos Plachouris, Evangelia Raftopoulou, Vasiliki Sifostratoudaki, Nikos Stathopoulos, The Black Swan,Stavros Taktikos, Antigoni Theodorou, Thodoris Trampas, Eleni Tsamadia, Filippos Vasiliou, Kostas Voulgaris, Nefeli Voutira, Myrto Vratsanou
Contemporary art encourages the interaction across conventional boundaries of expressive fields. Since 2009, Athens Photo Festival has been an excellent opportunity for experimenting with the ways through which an artistic medium between life and art (performance) and a major visual art (photography) can cross boundaries and create interesting hybrids.
During the 2015 Photography as Performance Event artists from diverse backgrounds (visual arts, theatre, music, photography, graphic design) will enact issues concerning self and alterity and will develop liminal situations through secular rituals. They will appropriate symbols, representations and social roles towards the reframing of memories depicted in photographs (The Black Swan, Vasiliki Psarrou-Apostolos Plachouris, Stavros Taktikos, Thodoris Trampas, Kostas Voulgaris), the reframing of childhood memories (Alexandra Ioannidi, Markela Kontaratou, Evangelia Raftopoulou), the reframing of symbolic and social memory (Happlnk, Foteini Hatzimichail, Andri Lazarou, Maria Lympoura, Nikos Stathopoulos, Filippos Vasiliou, Nefeli Voutira), the reframing of memories from works of art or pop culture representations (The Flower Girls, Anastasis Grivas-Rilėne Markopoulou-Eva Giannakopoulou, Eleni Tsamadia, Antigoni Theodorou) and the reframing of memory stored in the properties of natural or man-made materials (Maria Iliopoulou, Vasiliki Sifostratoudaki, Myrto Vratsanou).
The ultimate aim of the artists is to explore some unexpected ways of restructuring individual and collective memory by testing the ambiguity and the multiple significations of widely dispersed visual representations of human experience.