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Exhibition Program


Open Call for Artists and Photographers


Get Exhibited

The selected projects will be exhibited at the Benaki Museum in June and July 2024, as part of the main program.


Get Published

The selected projects will be presented on the Festival’s catalogue as well as featured online.


Get Connected

The selected artists will get their work in front of an international network of professionals, and cultural producers.


Get Things Done

We handle all the curation, installation, and maintenance needed to bring this large-scale exhibition to life.

Athens Photo Festival 2024 is accepting submissions from artists and photographers for its exhibition program. Read our Guidelines for Submission and Participation. The submission deadline has been extended until 15 February 2024.


Athens Photo Festival will feature the work of over 100 artists from all over the world. Embracing a variety of cultural, artistic, social, and political perspectives, the Festival invites projects from the entire spectrum of the photographic medium, ranging from fine art, conceptual, documentary photography, and photojournalism to other media, including video, performance, and installation. In this way, we seek to stimulate a critical dialogue that embraces a variety of expressive means, thematic areas, and approaches – from a traditional photography background to the most contemporary practices.

The exhibition program is committed to a broad definition of photography, encompassing all the different forms that the photographic image can take, combining both traditional and digital techniques such as print, projection, photobook, texts, objects, and more. Athens Photo Festival promotes various curatorial approaches, producing high-quality exhibitions while respecting art, artists, and the ideas they represent.

When & Where

Main Venue

The selected works will be on view at the Benaki Museum / Pireos 138, one of the most prestigious museums in Greece. The main program will occupy all the exhibition spaces of the Museum, covering over 3,000 square meters.


Athens Photo Festival will take place from June 4 to July 28 2024.

How to Apply?

Apply through the online entry form and submit all required entry materials.

Submission Deadline

The submission deadline has been extended until 15 February 2024.

Submission Guidelines

Please read the General Guidelines for Submission and Participation before you begin the process.

What does my entry include?

• Submission review: Your work will be considered for exhibition programming by the Athens Photo Festival.
• Exhibition opportunity: 80 selected artists will have the chance to exhibit their work at the prestigious Benaki Museum / Pireos 138 during the Athens Photo Festival 2024.
Production support: The festival will cover the production costs for the selected works featured in the exhibition.
Accommodation: Free stay for two nights for participating artists.
• Screening: 20 additional artists will be invited to present their work at a dedicated screening event.
Portfolio reviews: 15 selected artists will have the opportunity to participate for free in the International Portfolio Reviews.
APhF Talent Lab: 5 selected artists will have the opportunity to participate for free in the Talent Lab, a professional development program for emerging artists.
• Digital showcase: Selected artists will be featured on the festival website, in the newsletter, and will be showcased on the festival’s official Instagram account.
• APhF Connect: 50 additional artists from the shortlist will have a one-year presence on APhF Connect, a by-invitation-only platform, showcasing their work and introducing them to 100+ influential industry professionals worldwide.
• Free Festival Admission: All submitting artists will receive complimentary entry tickets to Athens Photo Festival 2024.

First read the Guidelines

Guidelines & Rules

Ready to submit your work?

Entry Form

Why should you submit to the Athens Photo Festival 2024?

More than 35 years after its founding, Athens Photo Festival, maintained and enhanced its standings as the leading international festival of photography in Southeastern Europe, and reinforced its commitment to improving Athens reputation for being a premier photo destination for interstate and international visitors.

The mission of the Athens Photo Festival is to provide a platform for artists and photographers to make new connections and reach the widest possible audience for their work. Last year’s international open call attracted submissions from all over the world, with more than 90% of the submissions coming from outside of Greece. The final selection included 102 artists from 35 countries.

Athens Photo Festival is one of the most visited photography events in Europe. The evolution of the audience over the past editions proved a success, attracting over 60.000 visitors. The main program will take place from 4 June to 28 July 2024, at the Benaki Museum, one of the oldest and most prestigious museums in Greece. Athens as an emblematic place of the fast-changing global situation provides a significant artistic and intellectual context where questions about the complexities of today’s world can be raised and discussed.

Over the past few years, the Festival has expanded steadily, with more international guests from more different countries attending each year. Among the guests are directors, artists, curators, and art professionals from all over the world.