This exhibition presents part of the work of 32 contemporary artists whose common ground is their participation in the recent editions of the established annual exhibition “Young Greek Photographers” during 2010–2018. According to the exhibition’s curator, “the artists set out from different points of departure, with various references and objectives. However, they all converge to one point: their attempt to approach photography through the dynamics of the different directions the medium itself has set over the last decade. Therein is also inevitably reflected the philosophy that underpins the annual exhibition, capturing the imprint of the new generation of Greek photography”.

The annual exhibition “Young Greek Photographers”, which has been taking place since 1987 as one of the first actions of the Hellenic Centre for Photography and continues to the present, is the institution that has contributed to the showcase the finest photographic works of emerging Greek artists up to 35 years of age, while many -today- acclaimed photographers stood out through it.