Paul Virilio highlighted the profound change
that has emerged in the reality which surrounds
us. “The new technological developments
replace virtual reality with an actual
reality and this is a final change. We will experience
a world, where there will not be
one but two realities: the Actual and the Virtual.
Reality has become symmetrical”.
Digital 3D “models” are imposed on our vision
like an equal presence to reality. Video,
pho-tographs, memories and recollections
appear from a parallel “real” world. The presence
of digital images which can produce
“photographic realism” without reality, a
“photograph” without any point of reference,
a “reproduction” without origin, is a contributing
factor to the change in the way we
perceive reality.
The exploration of a “site” or rather a “nonsite”
starts with the use of computer leading
to the hunt for the ghost of reality – the realistic
illusion of utopia- and it poses issues
of identity.
The project was realized with the help of a
realistic landscape generator which is based
on Fractals and Chaos theory. The images
produced represent an artificial reality which
is paradoxi-cally more realistic than reality