Since 1987, the “Young Greek Photographers” exhibition has been trying to constructively contribute to the effort of the new artists to present their work to a wider audience and bring forth the contemporary photographic production of the young and emerging artists of the country. As a proof of the importance of this initiation in the Hellenic photo scene is that a significant number of well known and established artists of today have been first shown at this exhibition.

In an era of global economic, social and environmental crisis, young photographers are searching for ways to surmount the impediments of every new start and test their abilities through the unique process of searching their artistic maturity. The works that are presented in this year’s exhibition have been selected out of more than 760 proposals, which proves a blooming of artistic production as well as the advancement of this art in Greece.

Diverse elements and multiple approaches are met through a pluralism of techniques and styles reflecting the freshness of a “new” point of view.