After Seth was born, Adam lived 800 years. In the meantime, he fathered many more inconspicuous children. The Other Sons and Daughters. ‘The Other Sons and Daughters’ is a visual dialogue between Carl Mikael Ström (SWE), Dimitra Dede (GRE), François Jonquet (FRA) and Loïc Seguin (FRA), exploring different notions of family, either given or chosen, through both the photobook and the exhibition forms. For the third consecutive year, invited by Athens Photo Festival, Void shows an exhibition parallel to the main event. A satellite exhibition is in itself “the other”, being another story from the main official one. Therefore, ‘The Other Sons and Daughters’ is about the other stories that are not part of the main course of events. ‘The Other Sons and Daughters’ is the family album of the stories that will no longer remain unsaid.