In the project “It Takes Two to Tango”, Vaskos try looking upon the “artistic duo” as a contemporary artistic practice, a conscious choice which offers an alternative model of artistic symbiosis and complicity, which tests the limits of the traditional identity and the common singularity/oneness of the subject. To run “It takes Two to Tango”, Vaskos stage ephemeral performances in the familiar space of the atelier, capture them on camera, print drafts on a printer, and intervene by overpainting them with various means. One of them performs and the other one photographs, taking on alternate roles in a game that draws on the concept of duplication and reflection. By overpainting photographs, they create hybrid environments somewhere between reality and fiction. Reclaiming modernism under the conditions of queer aesthetics lies at the core of the poetics of Vaskos, who use the techniques of collage and assemblage to execute unexpected reconstructions of bodies, inspired by the Dadaist freedom.