In 1992 the upper part of a human ear is found by a priest on a mountainous road in Barbagia, central Sardinia. A young boy, Farouk Kassam, is spending his fifth month in a hidden cave, held captive by a group of masked strangers. We are about the same age, just six years old. Like most kids, I am also terrified of being taken away from my home. Eleven years later, Luisa Manfredi was shot dead on the balcony of her home. She was 14 years old and the daughter of Farouk’s kidnapper. No-one was ever charged or convicted for her murder, which remains a mystery till this day. The research wants to reflect over the desperation of two mothers: one unable to control the fate of her young kidnapped son, and the other unable to find justice for her murdered daughter; they both conducted public and extreme actions with the intent of breaking the silence, implicating the wider community.