Memory as a beginning of Truth(Α-λήθεια, A-lithia)

The recollection of our Being, expressed as Nostalgia, is often the beginning of the journey to discover it. The way of Truth (Α-λήθεια) is but the way of awakening.

This nostalgia is frequently evident in art photography and is expressed by recognizing several qualities of Being, within the forms of the apparent reality. These are the qualities that constitute one’s personal style, especially when each project arises as the artist’s spontaneous expression and not as a cerebral construction. This is because the work of art is but a mirror of the inner world of the creator.

In this exhibition Theodosis Giannakidis seeks the space of connection, photographing with an old camera, his family and home, nostalgic of Lovingness. Lia Zani’s photos materialize a delicate, girl’s world and tunes us in the frequency of Innocence. Haris Kakarouhas’ portraits are but the quest for the face in its Universality. The light in Manolis Karatarakis’ pictures, could derive from the opening of Plato’s cave. While, in Maria Pagkali’s photographs, the light dematerializes us and wraps us like a Blessing. Pavlos Pavlidis, sees the small objects of life, bathed in frequencies of pious Joy. Finally, Katerina Tzigotzidou invites us into a tender, inner world, nostalgic of Intimacy.

If the viewer of these images comes across them without trying to understand, assess, classify or analyze them, if they just stand present in everything that happens, then, maybe they can enter the vertical photographic time of their own nostalgia. They can be (co)moved (συν-κινηθεί). The emotion happens when the soul is recognizing its own qualities, through senses, as a demonstration of existence and this process is a transformational event. This potential transformation is what gives meaning to the existence of art in our lives… Is it not?

Haris Kakarouhas