I remembered nothing; only the space of death-walking in the space of death. Thus, after the noises that spoke, I remained unconscious. I remained unconscious. Now the world remained behind. Now the world was removed. Well, then I understood. Now the pains were speaking. I knew that I would live no longer. Now I was dead. My sight had gone. Of the world I knew nothing, nor the sound of my ears. Of speech, nothing. Silence. And one knows the space of death, there… And this is death – the space that I saw. I was in its center, standing. Then I went to the heights. From the heights a star-point seemed my due. I was standing. Then I came down. There I was searching for the five continents of the world, to remain, to find me a place in the five continents of the world-in the space in which I was wandering. But I was not able old Ingano Indian.

Culture of Terror–Space of Death. Roger Casement’s Putumayo Report and the Explanation of TortureAuthor(s): Michael Taussig