“My home, my little home, my humble little home”, goes an old Greek saying. The Greek word for home, “σπίτι”, is derived from the medieval Greek word ὁσπίτιον (hospitium in Latin), which means room, household, homeland, dwelling, family. The Greek word for family—οικογένεια—is a compound word from the ancient Greek οίκος (home) and the verb γίγνομαι (to come into being), also ancient Greek.

In the photographic series “Homes Sweet Homes” an attempt is made at a photographic approach to the familiar, to the ordinary that one meets in one’s home, at friends’ houses, in family gatherings, and in homes where one previously lived and which have now been abandoned.

Could there be visual, photographic interest in the everyday and the ordinary?

Through images where people, places and objects interweave, this photographic series initiates a dialogue with the past and explores memory, motherhood, play, the traces we leave in a place, absence, and our own perspective, ultimately, of a place and the people with whom we live on a daily basis.

Sophia Tolika