Is Mr. X a thief? Was it him who stole my mobile phone in Tel Aviv? I don´t think ! But at least, it is him who unexpectedly turns into a ghost:

Through the dropbox-interface of my mobile phone, I see every photograph Mr. X takes with the camera. I see him, his friends, Eritrean weddings, and I see a community more detailed from the one I was working on between 2010 and 2012. What else I realize on his pictures is a woman I also photographed, before Mr. X did.

Back in Tel Aviv, I set out searching for Mr. X, a search that was never one for my stolen mobile phone. The city I find is home to a community of Orthodox Christians from Eritrea who do not see any future in their home country. This work combines my own photographs during the search in Tel Aviv and Eritrea in combination with those from Mr. X´s.
The search has long turned metaphorical: I revolve around questions which also visually transform a specific inquiry into an odyssey; questions of identity with the implied twist of faith.
Questions I am not only asking Mr. X whom I want to deeply thank for this wonderful faith and… still searching!

Karsten Kronas