“The fish dies by its mouth” reflects on the resilience of people in contexts of drug trafficking and fishing.

Drug traffickers need access to the coast to transport their product out to sea. During these trips in speedboats, they are intercepted by the Colombian Navy, and their method of evasion is to jettison the cargo to lighten the boat. Some fishermen from coastal towns in Colombia occasionally stumble upon these packages, which can represent a year’s income. Some succumb to this pressure, while others stand firm in the face of the onslaught of illegality.

It’s a participatory and intervention project in which the community is an active part of creating the images. Contrasts between traditions (music, dance, hairstyles, celebration, gastronomy, tourism, and nature) and armed pressure (paramilitary groups) are expressed through various actions, landscapes, bodies, and objects. Everyday life intertwines with the construction of the scenes. Here, the performative act blurs with the sway of reality, akin to a song about the undefined boundary between sea and land, legality and prohibition.

Bio: Architecture, National University of Colombia. Best Graduation Project 2005-2006. Colfuturo Scholarship 2007. MA (merit) Photography and Urban Cultures, Goldsmiths College, University of London. Editor at Raya Editorial and AÑZ, Fotografía Expandida de Latinoamérica. Founder of 20Fotógrafos, Colectivo+1 and RadioFoto. Visual curator of the Final Report and curator of the collective exhibition “Conflict and Peace” of the Commission for the Clarification of Truth, Coexistence and Non-Repetition of Colombia. Fujifilm’s X-Photographer. NFT Resident of Voice & PhotoVogue 2022. TEDx Speaker. First Publication Prize FUTURA Felifa 2018. Winner of POY Latam “Nuestra Mirada”, FORMAT24-UK, KG+SELECT, KG+Select-Japan, CDF-Uruguay, SMArt 2023-Switzerland, 2024 RakArt-UAE, Photolucida’s Critical Mass 2023.