When I start immersing myself into Lyon’s largest illegal asylum seeker squat, a tacit non-aggression pact is soon made with the inhabitants: I am tolerated on condition that I don’t take candid shots. So, I set out to work on the borderline between a realistic documentary-like treatment and an abstract plastic photography. What they’ve been seeking in Europe is shelter. Also, this squat has kept them off the streets despite the inadequate infrastructure. Lastly, it is the deliberate choice to focus my work on a minimalist plastic abstraction, rather than documenting an absurd and mind-boggling reality which I am only passing through. A chaotic accumulation of colours, shapes, lines, material, and traces. A meticulous x-ray of each nook, each wall, each building. Portraits from behind on colourful backdrops. So many elements enabling me to reveal another present and to create to another shelter.