The exhibition Re: View 015 hosts the photographic work of 27 emerging photographers. They are graduates of the Hellenic Center of Photography educational programmes of Creative Photography with instructors Eleni Mouzakiti and Lambros Papanikolatos.

They are photographers of various cognitive and aesthetic backgrounds. Nevertheless, they share a common feature: they approach photography through the multicolored and dynamic field of varying trends that is evident in the recent years, when photographic images have become dominant in our everyday lives. These are the years when photography is considered an art form as it was never considered before. Each one of them presents a small part of a work-in-progress, offering a mark of their interests. Even with a quick glance one can discern two main sections-directions reflecting two dominant trends in contemporary art photography. They, also, inevitably reflect the educational approach that has been selected for the programs. The principle that governs them is to encourage photographers – with discreet mentoring – to seek and discover thematic categories that make sense to them and to eventually visualize stories that mirror their experiences, their relationship with others and their environment.

In the first section the artists explore and narrate situations often described as autobiographical. Sometimes with some extroversion, more often hermetically, they remain in the realm of privateness and record what they consider as its structural materials. In the second section they turn their lens to the public space, the urban environment, its people, the relationship between all these and leave traces of their contact with things and people surrounding them.