The exhibition space is like being on Instagram. Instead of scrolling my finger over the
screen, I pass my gaze and my body in front of each photograph. Other times, I feel like
being in a board game and we the viewers, are the pawns on the board. The winner is the
one who sees the story behind the pictures. Loser? There is none.
The photographic works become windows that open to the inside or the outside world.
They lead us into our nightmares, awaken the unconscious, take us for a night out, plunge
into our desires. The gaze of the characters in the photographs, the atmosphere of the
landscapes and the positioning of the lens towards the subject, as well as our own gaze, our mood, tells us a different story each time.
The title of the exhibition, which refers to the well-known phrase “Once upon a time…,”
invites us to create our own story. Stories are one of the most important sources of knowledge, because they familiarize us with unknown, impossible or real-life scenarios. A story, whether fictional or real, puts us in touch with our emotions and helps position ourselves and deal with the issues in our life.
The group exhibition features artists who have worked with different techniques, in
different places and at different times. Can these so different captions create a whole new
narrative? We invite visitors to find out.

Photo: Nan Goldin