The Green Project organization presents the original photography material produced during the extraordinary environmental journey “Platypus trail Melbourne – Perth: Renewables, UNESCO Biospheres and Aborigines” in the summer of 2018 in Australia. It records the importance of the co-existence of the renewable energy technology innovation and the traditional environmental knowledge of Australian Aborigines, within the UNESCO Biosphere Reserves.

26 never-ending days and nights packed with spectacular images out of this world. 5 federated states, 2 federal territories of Australia. 13.110 kilometers. 11 volunteers, scientists and artists driving eco-friendly motor homes equipped with solar panels, on snow and ice, through rivers and mud, near marine ecosystems, across the desert and droughty lands, tropical rainforests and bushlands, along glaciation and alpine areas. 42 unique interviews, where “everybody seems to acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of this land and celebrate the First Australians’ ongoing culture and contribution to society”.