A decade after the economic meltdown in Greece a general optimism was widespread in society and the country seemed ready to enter a new era. Efstathiadis however appears unease and is preparing for the next disaster. Just a couple of months before the COVID-19 crisis he starts building the sculptures for the first 6 Escape Pods. These new works -prophetic as they are- they re-envision life after a cataclysmic tragedy. Set on the bottom of a dry Peloponnesian river they nod at the environmental dangers and alarm us of a new emergency. Set in an environment reminiscent of an outwardly rocky planet as portrayed in a sci-fi Hollywood film, Efstathiadis’ pods are composed by materials found at the riverbanks and assembled in the studio and on site. In this futuristic fantasy-thriller when the evacuation bells will start ringing these toy-like life-saving vessels will be ready to board.