Efstathiadis creates explosions with small propane tanks in the only place where he can almost get away with it – his home village, empty and desolate, with people living a slow life with minimal desires, nothing tidy, and nothing clean.
Images of violence and loss examine the powers of time and present us with a series of personal landscapes that aim to preserve, rewrite, or erase the past.
Efstathiadis explores the foreignness of art in this isolated landscape. His subtle, quietly beautiful photographs shot in rural Greece infuse totemic figures and installations into seemingly normal landscapes with an eerie aura that hints at the location’s or their protagonists’ stories. The viewer will interact with an abstracted fireball, but looking longer, you realize there is a human being experiencing an explosion just a few meters away. An adrenaline rush and a small taste of the tragic nature of war and conflict.

Bio: Petros Efstathiadis was born in 1980 in Liparo, Pella. He studied at the Farnham University of Creative Arts and currently lives and works in Greece.,In 2022 he presented his work at the Israel museum, Jerusalem and in 2019 at Kunst Haus Wien museum in Vienna CAN Christina Androulidaki Gallery, Galerie Clémentine De La Féronnière, France, Getxophoto, Spain and Casa Bianca, Photobiennale Thessaloniki. Wallach Art Gallery of Columbia University (New York, 2017), Foto Forum Galerie (Bolzano, Italy, 2017); The “Equilibrists” exhibition at the Benaki Museum, curated by the New Museum of New York (Athens, 2016) and the Serlachius Museum. In 2018 he was awarded the Prix HSBC, while in 2013 he won the grand prize at the International Fashion and Photography Festival in Hyères, France.