In my ‘Miroirs aux alouettes’ series, I create impossible images close to surrealism, by sticking stickers in the public or exhibition space. By mixing the real and its double I question the limits of image and representation. I revisit the notion of perspective, trompe-l’oeil and mise en abyme. Originally thought to be photographs, my works also function as installations.

Baudrillard affirmed that illusion does not oppose reality, but that it is only a particular case of reality. My work revolves around this singularity. The principle of anamorphosis that I sometimes use is the most obvious example.

My images are built around a vanishing point or a central frame that give the idea of a passage. In a way, I create heterotopias. These non-places according to Michel Foucault that can juxtapose in themselves several spaces themselves incompatible in real space and in their chronology.