Seven Greek artists attempt to capture in photographs, their on-board experience. They experiment gazing the dry land from the sea, rather than vice-versa that is usually the case. How the sea sees us? Photography as self-critique in search of our reflection on the environment. We are the sea and the sea is “we”.

A cruise to our inner selves, sailing together with dolphins (delphinus rhinoceros) off the coast of Lefkas, out of the river Acheron Delta, further from Paxos and Antipaxos, in the archipelago of Maganisi, Atokos and Kalamos, to the water habitats of Kioni in Ithaca, to the seal-holes of monachus-monachus in Kastos, among the caretta-caretta sea turtles in Zakynthos, till the posidonia oceanica colonies in the desolate Strofadia.