“Before It’s Gone” is a long term project documenting life in oases, particularly focusing on the multidimensional issues of oasis degradation in Morocco and its impact on their inhabitants. Oases, situated in arid and semi-arid regions, serve as vital refuges for biodiversity, characterized by a delicate balance of water abundance, soil quality, and the presence of date palms. However, over the past two decades, this equilibrium has been disrupted due to human intervention and climate change.

Through extensive visits to numerous oases, I have gained insight into their rich environment and stark realities. Desertification, recurrent droughts, fires, and a significant decline in the water table pose imminent threats to the existence of these green islands in the desert. In response to these challenges, “Before It’s Gone” seeks to shed light on these pressing concerns, often overlooked by the media and unfamiliar to the general public.

Bio: M’hammed Kilito is a documentary photographer and a National Geographic Explorer residing in Rabat. He is represented internationally by VII Photo and Gowen Gallery. His artistic journey revolves around exploring the intricate connections and bonds that individuals and groups form with their environments – be it places of residence, memories, or transit points.
Kilito’s work is dedicated to capturing narratives that provide insight into this profound connection, delving into subjects like cultural identity, labor sociology, and the impacts of climate change.
Together with three other Moroccan visual artists, Kilito co-founded KOZ, a collective dedicated to telling compelling stories through long-term projects.