“Strawberry Blue” traces its roots back to the aftermath of my migration to a country of the European North, where I left behind the comforting embrace of family, friends, memories, and routines.

The images take shape in a park south of my new home, where I found solace for six years by observing its nuances. Intrigued by people strikingly dissimilar to those I usually encounter, I realized that the feeling of not fitting in bound us together. Their names faded into the background, replaced by my own invented nicknames inspired by their stories, scars, tattoos, and resemblances to others. Elvis, Whitey White, Rat-Attacked, and Suntana fostered a warm and genuine ambiance in this place.

This body of work is a testament to the universal human experience in a foreign landscape. Drawing inspiration from Bergman’s symbolic use of strawberries, it invites us to reflect on the transient nature of time and memory, emphasizing the importance of cherishing moments that bring sweetness to our lives.

“Strawberry Blue” is my imaginary universe, where I feel I can grow roots again.

Bio: Marinos Tsagkarakis is a Greek fine art photographer based in the Netherlands. He embarked on a path of self-discovery in Contemporary Photography, studying at the Stereosis School of Photography (SSP).
His evocative work has earned recognition on the global stage, with exhibitions showcased in museums, galleries, and prestigious international festivals such as Mois De La Photo in Paris, Unseen in Amsterdam, Athens Photo Festival, and Fotofilmic, among others. Marinos’ artistic work has been featured in renowned publications, including Der Spiegel, L’Oeil de la Photographie, Collector Daily, Der Greif, Vogue, PHROOM, and Urbanautica.
In 2017, his first monograph, “Paradise Inn,” was published by Void. His works are part of international private and public collections.