“Blank Verse” is a photographic work that focuses on observing and exploring the depths of the soul and inner landscapes of others, paralleled with our own journey of self-discovery. Drawing inspiration from the challenge of understanding and trusting others or even ourselves and our senses, the images – through symbolism and poetic language – highlight the vital need for using additional perceptual mechanisms to achieve deep understanding. This acquired knowledge will ultimately lead to a balanced sense of self, a clearer perception of reality, and inner peace.

Throughout our lives, accurately interpreting human nature can be challenging due to various factors, including our upbringing, the formation of our character, and our mental states. The “Relational Self Theory,” rooted in both philosophy and psychology, posits that interactions with others are crucial in shaping our sense of self. Through photography, the camera turns into a personal “reality testing” tool, allowing us to creatively engage with the collective and individual unconscious, thereby embarking on our unique journey of discovery, with the hope of forging deep and meaningful connections.

Bio: Maria Siorba is a visual artist born in Larissa, Greece, currently based in Athens, with an educational background in Fine Arts, Graphic Design, and Communication. Her photographic work, deeply inspired by and intimately connected to her personal life and experiences, delves into themes such as human connections, challenges of self-expression, mental struggles, the nature of understanding and trust, and how all these manifest within the visual environment. She explores these subjects from both psychological and existential perspectives, using symbolism and poetic language.
Her work has been exhibited at festivals and group exhibitions such as: Circulations Festival (FR), PhMuseum Days (IT), PEP group show (BE,GE). In 2023, she was selected as one of the Futures Photography talents by Void.