I started “Natten” after the release of my book “My Brother Guillaume and Sonia” (Journal, Sweden 2013) on the death of my brother and his girlfriend. I wanted and needed to change totally my way of taking pictures. I felt a pressing need to turn the camera towards myself. I needed to tame my new surroundings in Sweden. A place, in the middle of nowhere both geographicly and mentally.

I used my body as a farewell song and the camera as a shield against the pain caused by the death of my Brother and his Partner. I found in nature a way of re-poetising it, a place and a quiet calm where I could express the process of questioning what I had just been through. I recorded reality, expressed in its purest form, I scanned the things around me, the organic material, vegetable or minéral and dead animals I found on my expeditions. By using this means of recording reality in its pure expression, I found a different way of coming to grips with it.

Margot Wallard