Bleu Glacé is a cabinet of curiosities, a “scientific” study that synthetically reconstructs the Icelandic landscape. The use of synthetic materials is there to question our use of plastics, resins and polymers exponentially on a daily basis, and how this can change the long-term geological landscapes of the world around us?  

Bleu Glacé is a catalogue of landscapes that everyone can imagine themselves seeing in Iceland, a catalogue for a living-room traveler.  

The imagination reveals the object we think of and desire, now, in front of us, allowing our eyes to take possession of it.  

In these objects I produce, everyone is free to see a waterfall, an iceberg, plastic sheeting, or polystyrene. The images as created summon and question this “kind of primordial ardor of waters, wind, clouds, colors projected in a pure state on the sky and horizons” that Samivel describes in Golden Iceland.