“Nocturno” is a series of photographs taken at night. It is in the form of a tetralogy and maps my quests over the last few years.

In this darkness I sought a clearing. I tamed my fears, my agonies, I learned a way to manage my ignorance. The starry light was the raw material. A cloud that constantly changes sides. I started to light the vessels of silence with it. The trees, the seas, the broody rocks, an inscribed time, deeply mysterious, which I was unable to understand. And the people, my people, often unseen and as silent as dreams.

The “Mourning of Time,” the “Island,” “Selva Oscura,” and “Dreams” is a tetralogy free from the greed of interpretation, the manipulation, the clarity of definitions. It is a map for a
beauty that does not come back, it is a constant quest.

Dark images, a luminous crack, a mirror.