“Onironautica” derives from the Greek words “Ὄνειρος” (dream) and “ναύτης” (sailor). The concept of “Onironautica” involves the exploration of dreams, as a sort of “navigation of our unconscious.” Thus, the goal of this project is to photographically recreate dreams and lucid dreams, focusing specifically on my own experiences with them. Inspired by Dutch psychiatrist Frederik van Eeden’s work, who introduced the term “lucid dream,” I’ve embarked on a journey to delve into my own unconscious state. I have started a daily dream diary, trying to constantly convey the nuances, sensations, and memories of dream scenarios in their different degrees of abstraction. My art is deeply engaged with the exploration of the human psyche, delving into the unconscious and unintentional elements shaping the ego, identity, and personality. In conformity with this project, I have allowed full expression to my unconscious mind.

Bio: Ludovica De Santis was born in Rome in May 1991. She began to cultivate a love for photography and cinema at an early age. She studied in Rome and moved to Paris in 2011. She graduated in Art History with a specialization in film criticism at the Sorbonne. Ludovica De Santis’ work has been exhibited around the world and has been esteemed by many magazines in the field. Her latest project, “Onironautica,” won the Art Awards held by LensCulture in 2024 and has been shortlisted for The Gomma Grant 2023-2024. Additionally, the series has been chosen as one of the main features of the upcoming JRNL Spring Issue 2024 edited by Lola Paprocka, selected as one of the best 2024 fine art projects by Ima Magazine and featured by Autograph Gallery as part of the group exhibition “Become Visible.”