Participants: Eleftheria Amolochiti, Denada Bullari, Panagiotis Fatseas, Phaedra Galani, Martha Kapsoulaki, Christos Kastrinakis, Nafsika Keke, Iris Kollida, Aggelina Lampiri, Efi Laskari, Edmonda Lesi, Eirini Mantinaou, Athina Marinou, Athina Misegianni, Konstantinos Papantonis, Anastasia Poupoulidou, Simon Prasinos, Isabella Pritsa, Christina Rosi, Nefeli  Sofianidi, Olga Souvermezoglou, Eleftheria Tsikaki, Lydia Vairaktaraki

Curated by: Panos Kokkinias

“…These days had been marked by a pandemic that restricted people in their houses.

To distract themselves, they would stare out of the window, trying to remember how it was to be out there, how it was to get about free. Like in a disaster film, they communicated only through machines and they spent their time in isolation, silence, self-reflection, memories, melancholy. The standstill led to a recurrent daydreaming where, like in a trance, they would see weird things happening, as weird as in their night dreams. Moreover, they were worried about their hospitalized loved ones who were isolated in intensive care.

The limited access they had to the exterior world, led them to equally uneasy and lonely wanderings, like their mental meanders. When they sought consolation in nature, they would see a mirror reflecting their inner fear. The few ones allowed to travel, carried along their sadness for the loss of their relatives, their sadness for the loss of their serenity.

And they realised that this serenity had not been so real. Images of the recent past emerged, images so similar to what they were seeing now. The bad dream they were all living in, seemed like a dense version of the preexisting, yet unbeknownst, daily fight with their existential uncertainties.

In their effort to grasp what was going on, they were recording it all with photography which was already widespread and very popular at the time. This is how we have so accurate records of this era. An era that changed human lives.”