Known for her iconic photographic series of self-portraits, Calypso transfers them to a surreal and unique location – an underground house in Nevada, USA. Built by multimillionaire Avon cosmetics founder Jerry Henderson in the 1960s, the house is a glorified Vegas bunker, 8 meters underground and complete with an all-pink bedroom, crystal and gold fixtures in the bathrooms, garden and swimming pool. Now unoccupied, but kept in immaculate condition by its new owners, Calypso, alone downstairs, staged self-portraits in the different rooms and discovered that the current owners were in fact a mystery group with an enthusiasm for immortality.
“What to do with a million years” is the title of an article in a 1960s cryogenic magazine she found lying around. What began as a house built off the fortune of a well-known cosmetics company, incorporating the pursuit of beauty and preservation of the living, had since taken a disturbing detour to become an eerie trophy of those who were more concerned with eternal life.

Bio: Juno Calypso (b.1989, London) studied Photography at LCC in London, completing a BA in 2012. Her numerous awards include the Catlin Art Prize visitors award (2013), the British Journal of Photography International Award (2016), FOAM Talents (2016), and the Vic Odden Award from the Royal Photographic Society (2018).
International exhibitions include the Wellcome Collection (2024), Fondazione Prada in Milan and Tokyo (2022), Rencontres D’Arles (2019), Photo Vogue Festival (2016) and Lianzhou Foto Festival (2016). Books include “Photography Now” and “Girl on Girl” by Charlotte Jansen, and “Firecrackers” by Fiona Rogers and Max Houghton. In 2019 her work was acquired by Manchester Art Gallery. She is represented by TJ Boulting, London. She lives and works in London.