‘Till death us do part’ is a series of performative photographs that depict my marriage partner Peter and I in a number of absurd scenarios in and around the domestic environment. As an artist and academic, I have been critical of the way photography is used to reaffirm notions of belonging and otherness in relation to family portraiture. As a consequence, there is little photographic evidence of the 30 years that Peter and I have spent together. As Peter has entered his eighties, and I am in my fifties, there seemed to be an urgency to address this and explore alternatives to the couple/marriage/family portrait. The suited figures evoke a sense of the uncanny, which Freud talks about in terms of “heimlich and unheimlich” or “homely and un-homely”. Within a gay culture that takes flamboyance as a “norm”, these images subvert through the transgression of ordinariness.