These images, titled 42 Wayne, work to explore the notion of experience as touch and emotional and physical endurance performed through female bodies. Witnessed events, staged performances, and instinct serves as a way to seek new intimacies between me and my subjects. Texture and surface become an essential role in their ability to relay information about the conditions of the individuals, whether it be a physical or psychological state. Physical sensations sourced from past experiences show up in subtle details, revealing exposed skin, pressed bodies, and the simple observation of physical form concerning others in space. Inherited beliefs of misogyny and expectations concerning gender serve as an entry point to my subjects. The images are made without a single formula; instead, they are a response to what I observe. This process allows me to become a part of the performances rather than just an observer. My primary purpose in creating these photos is to respond and provide photographs and interactions between women that express sensuality, to redefine women in response to our representation in the media. The patriarchy worked to define and imprison the feminine, through paintings, films, and other media. I believe that there is an incredible need for female voices and artistic output to redefine the language in which women exist in the world, and I want to add to that conversation.  Making these photos and inciting these interactions allows me to find my voice and use photography as a way to communicate beliefs and personal, familial history amongst my female subjects. These interventions began as a way to spend time with my mother and sisters, to represent a kind of sensuality between women that exists, even if it was painful or unpleasant at times. I want there to be a meditation on our interactions with one another, on touch and gesture, to give these benign details agency. Our beliefs are woven into the gestures we perform​, inherited from one another, that exist in the quotidian. Simple interactions we repeat and observe, performed by our mothers, grandmothers, and sisters. I am determined to show a closeness between the women, as well as the ​endurance of one’s gaze. I use personal experience and my background as a female from a close-knit family of women to address current and withstanding issues regarding gender and beliefs that often can be difficult to discuss, while photography becomes my mediator.