My father was bullied in his office job. He later developed schizophrenia and never went back to work.

As part of his illness he suffered delusions and lived the later part of his working life in a confused reality. His employee number began 007 and he believed himself to be James Bond, working in the office undercover.

In 2013, I started documenting team building activities. Offices became arenas for play as employees were thrust into absurd, artificial new worlds. They were asked to be expressive and physical, to paint, to dance.

Over time I have drawn a link between these images and my father’s experiences. In these images, I see a physical manifestation of his disorientation. People are stretched, changed and forced to encounter multiple versions of themselves.

Men in suits play bongo drums. They battle to build the tallest spaghetti tower. They wait patiently in Monopoly jail.