There is a before and an after of a table.
The table defines and marks the transition from recording an absence, a lack of desire for a real life, a period of re-evaluating objects so that we can live along with them again, I would call it a reinvestment of emotions that had been dead for a while now.
I place a table in a space where the light diffuses through the glass of the porch, I cover it with a white sheet or with a pink blanket or even with a light blue cover from Ikea.
Early in the morning, I place on the pink blanket the snow-covered objects that I have already left outside during the previous night in order to be covered in snow. Obsessions, stereotypes, disappointments, dreams, fears, they are all covered with fresh snow.
They are small surprises that emerge in the morning light and then fall back into obscurity, into melancholy, into oblivion.

Bio: He was born in 1962 in Athens. He studied photography at the Focus School (1988-1990) and completed his postgraduate studies at the Fine Arts Department of Goldsmiths College (1998-99). From 1999 to 2014, he collaborated with the ΑΔgallery, holding five solo exhibitions. In 2015, as part of the “Symptom project,” he held his solo exhibition at the Museum of Eva and Angelos Sikelianos in Delphi, titled “The Inert Elements,” curated by Kostas Christopoulos. In 2017, his solo exhibition titled “Sacred Wind” was organized at Elica gallery. In 2018, he presented his book “Topheth” at Elica gallery. In 2022, he held a retrospective solo exhibition titled “Hotel Splendid” at the Athens Municipality Art Gallery at Metaxourgeio, curated by Christoforos Marinos.