The series is the first part of the trilogy “Tales of Sea, Lust and Death,” created during my intimate journey between Greece and Australia. The story begins with the difficult task of narrating the stories laid concealed within the secret findings of my late father’s maritime archive, employing historical and symbolic interpretations of the pearl. Initially encountered as a pearl necklace worn by my father’s unknown, to me, ex- wife in his records, it emerges as a symbol of desire, longing and moral ambiguity within an evolving storyline between Greece and Western Australia, known as “The Pearling Capital of the World,” over a century ago. Whether wild or cultured, pearls take all shapes and forms, embodying the elusive nature of love’s representation while serving as tangible reminders of spirits and also the act of betrayal. In a parallel way, I retrace an entire history of extractive trade, confronting the violence and exploitation that underlie so much of our personal and collective histories.

Bio: Ioanna Sakellaraki (b.1989) is a Greek visual artist and researcher. She is a graduate of Journalism with an MA in Photography from the Royal College of Art in London and an MA in Cultural Studies. She is currently completing her PhD in Art.
She is the recipient of The Royal Photographic Society Bursary Award 2018 and was the winner of a Sony World Photography Award in 2020.
Her work has been exhibited internationally with recent solo shows in Tokyo, Melbourne, Belfast, Braga, Greece and Berlin. Her projects have been featured in magazines and press such as The New Yorker, TIME, Financial Times and The Guardian. Her work has been acquired by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) Collection. Her monograph “The Truth is in the Soil” is published by GOST Books.