“Dichotomy” is an on-going project which marks the division of the image and examines its split into two dimensions. Dichotomy demonstrates the fragmented nature of photographic viewing and the situations of dependency, refutation and completion which may be hidden within the visual insight.

The artist constantly records the urban environment around her. She defines her work as “a subjective look of everyday life and of the places and the objects that define their own history within space. It is the history of Athens , yet it can be the history of any city that has been left to its fate and to the passages of time. The viewer can observe with surprise that each picture appears totally dependent to the other yet at the same time each of them can be viewed fully independently. It is a series of relationships to be investigated through analogue photography, which give the possibility of the “unexpected”.

The artist chooses to focus in distancing; a number of “still lives” are forming this double play, whipping up questions about the concept of “partition” in modern thinking.