The peregrination of the concept of the “unfinished” extends beyond mere incompleteness to embrace a narrative of positivity. Youth are depicted engaging in the process of creation and weaving a vibrant array of new life encounters. This celebration of incompleteness serves a dual purpose: it acknowledges the unease that often accompanies the pursuit of completion and success, while also highlighting a profound human inclination – the desire to establish a sense of belonging. Drawing from the creator’s own childhood memories, this piece is imbued with the foundational essence of familial bonds and the relentless determination required to establish a household. The series also delves into the contemporary challenges of seeking and securing a dwelling in the midst of today’s housing crisis. Through the interplay of memory, aspiration, and societal pressures, this project invites viewers to reflect on the multifaceted journey of finding and defining one’s place in the world.

Bio: Ilias Lois pursued his education at the Department of Photography & Audiovisual Arts of UniWA and at the School of Fine Arts in Venice. His work is usually developed in series, in which an interplay of staged photography with elements of sculpture is attempted. The concept of family, body language as well as the treatment of materials and technology, serve as areas of inspiration. His research and artistic approach emphasize the practices of transcribing a three-dimensional world onto a two-dimensional surface, as well as the reverse process involved in rendering it in physical space. He is the editor of the photography magazine Velvet Eyes and the founder of the Paper Drop workshop in Athens. In 2024 he received the Futures’ Artist honor with a nomination from Void publishing house.