A desire lingered to look far back into the paths I’ve come through, and the journey of tracking back twenty years began at a hundred-year-old barn in the middle of the forest. Reading over seventy diaries, I start to realize all that which makes me who I am now: people who have stood next to me; words that remedied my wounds. Never-to-be-forgotten but kept buried and unresolved emotions, someone who won’t be able to receive my forgiveness any longer, questions never spoken, and promises to be answered only in a different life time were hiding in the dusky forest, disappearing under the tree trunk. These photographs are an act of earnest yearning, consolation and forgiveness.
My life, which was fallibly set down in younger years was re-visited and re-cast in photographs, as if with one more reinterpretation I might move forward with the memories of the memories that I made