The Unfulfilled, the Waiting, the Intentions, the Cancellation, the Resignation, in other words Time is the broad subject of the photographer.  
People are unsteadily set up in a cinematic space, which appears to rightly belong to them. Scenes taken out of the recent urban Greek past, witnesses to a futile search, ask questions, disregarding answers. The seductively airy title “After the Party” tests the viewer, directs and demarcates the search, creates space.  
We have to move to urban Interieurs. Leather sofas, velvet armchairs, crystal carafes, pianos, mirrors and peacock feathers, furs and gloves, accessories of the bourgeoisie, a society of course commemorative, in the sense of time past. The color is cold, wintry full from a distance. The photographer’s lens is penetrating. At a time when nothing is clear, the image demands the greatest clarity.  
Text: Nancy Papadopoulou-Poth