Despoina Pilati photographs a planet in continuous movement. One of her main photographic obsessions is the Journey. There is no better place to comprehend the existence of the “global village” of which McLuhan spoke, and the phenomenon of globalisation, than an international airport. Through transportation our cities became larger than they are spatially. Isabelle Eberhardt (1877-1904), a woman who lived – briefly – as a wanderer in the depths of Africa, wrote in her book The Oblivion Seekers: “There are boundaries in every Kingdom and laws governing every organised force. However, the wanderer is sovereign of all the vast land that is determined only by the non-existent horizon, and his power is inviolable, for sovereignty and enjoyment are things of the spirit.” We can recall all these memories of the first travellers on the one hand, as well as the mass dimension of the phenomenon sweeping the planet today, through the photographs of Despoina Pilati.

Thanasis Moutsopoulos