“GH, Gal, and Hiroshima” is an interweaving of two autobiographies. It encompasses the experience of being beaten with stones in childhood due to reasons related to gender, and the experience of a body transitioning in the face of a deeply religious family and its own reinterpretations.

At the age of 10, Masina, nicknamed Hiroshima because they were born on the same day as the bomb, was beaten with stones in Vila da Penha, the northern area of Rio de Janeiro. Their appearance was too ambiguous. In another place and time, Gal begins to understand the processes of their own identity.

“GH,” those two letters that represent our initials, are also the title of one of the most prominent Brazilian books of all time, written by the writer Clarice Lispector: “The Passion According to G.H.” The book inspires us: an event so horrible and inexplicable that to share it, it needs to be lost. And we quote the beginning of the book: “I’m trying to understand, trying to give what I’ve lived to somebody else and I don’t know to whom, but I don’t want to keep what I experienced. I don’t trust what happened to me.”

Bio: Masina Pinheiro (b.1987) and Gal Cipreste (b.1998) are interdisciplinary artists, photographers and educators living and working in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Their work, “GH, Gal and Hiroshima,” was a finalist in the Louis Roederer Discovery Award, Les Rencontres d’Arles 2022. It was selected for the JIMEIxARLES 2022 exhibition in China and won first prize in the PhMuseum Photography Grant 2021. “GH” was published by The Eyes as part of the edition “[After]care,” curated by Laia Abril and launched during Paris Photo 2022. Additionally, they had two solo shows in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro) and France (Paris) in 2023. Their work culminated in a masterclass entitled “Circles of Memory and Perversion,” which addresses LGBTQIAPN+ childhoods and autobiographical narratives in gender-disobedient photography.