Tiàwùk is a small planet compared to Earth, but despite its extreme environmental conditions it is still suitable for human adaptation. Inhabited by four million people, only six percent of the land is arable. Of these inhabitants, one million are actual citizens, while the rest are expatriates from nearby planets.

Tiàwùk was recently colonized, and after many years, a secret source of energy was discovered. Caught between excesses and contradictions, the planet enjoys enormous economic wealth while developing a reality where dystopian materialism blends with Islamic tradition. These opposing forces generate conflict, answered by extreme consumerism that shapes the concept of “economical fantasy,” revealing a distorted view of life and reality.

This work is a visual exploration of the relationship between psyche and environment, using imagery to highlight how cultural conditioning influences our perception, connection and construction of the external world.

Bio: Gabriele Cecconi is an Italian photographer and educator with a keen interest in cultural, political, and environmental issues. He pursued photography after earning a law degree, and in 2015, he was selected by Camera Torino and Leica for a masterclass with Magnum photographer Alex Webb.
Since 2018, he has been engaged in long-term projects, receiving numerous awards, including the Yves Rocher Photography Award, POY, Andrei Stenin Grand Prix, PX3 Photographer of the Year, and the LUMIX Sustainability Award, among others.