Dystopia refers to anti-utopia, where the promise of modernity to improve the quality of life of man happens to take the from, rather of a hypermodernity (Lipovetsky), full of ctontradictions.   Reflections about the transtition to the post human, what will be the new forms of behavior, induced by technology, in the search to overcome the limitations, intellectuals and physicist of the human being through the technological control of their own biological evolution in wich the natural transcendence of humanity is already mastered.   The panopticon as a sympton that lost its privacy, where the pardigms of what we consider today as glimpses of the futures: food, cybernetic devices, manipulation of the DNA, the search for new terriotories for future migrations. The paradigms that will present us, when we are living  the change generated by the digital before current paradigms, condemned to multi screens so behaviors defined communication platfroms, we stop recognizing ourselves and getting to know each other organically.