Kalpaxi’s exhibition ‘Current landscapes’ consists of a series of autonomous images that were developed during the period of 2007-2012.

Each image in the exhibition has a separate title and theme. The images have been created in different settings and include references to current affairs and socio-political issues at the time of their inception. In turn, these references are blended with elements borrowed from the history of art and photography. Regardless of their differences and autonomy, the images share a common vocabulary. The images benefit from self-portraiture’s function as a ground for projection, photography’s representationality, alongside legible codes and new available possibilities provided by digitalisation and people’s increased visual awareness, for the development of narrative scenes based on contradictions (between private and public, reality and imagination, objectivity and subjectivity).

All images derive from my wish to participate in public life through the analysis of reality as captured through the photographic lens and through the synthesis of my impressions via digital compositions. Nevertheless, the overall meaning of the images is ambiguous. The aim here is not to provide my version of reality, but to encourage the viewer to construct their own interpretations and gradually link his/her own experiences and knowledge with the elements provided in the scenes. The images suggest that each individual reading also reflects the viewer’s personality; each understanding of reality also reflects the sum of selective elements that contribute to our sense of individuality and relationship to a shared public space.