In “Eating Magma”, I am exploring the notion of being a living organism. The stress of existing within our bodies, in a world that is melting and regenerating itself constantly is real. I am focusing on 4 Fs: my Flesh, my Food, Fauna, and Flora. Creating a syndetic universe, by combining these 4 Fs, whose roles and existence, constantly shift and mutate into each other, according to the pulsating human perception. In this oozing universe, we are moving from semi-alive limpets to mushy mycologic lumps and from body surfaces to vacuumed hearts. Are they food, are they an animal, are they water or…?

In a society made of information systems where the personal focus and intention is easily lost, simple observation becomes a tool. Extracting and zooming in natural elements in order to reveal less imagined versions of the surrounding world and find an emotional and ethical position within them.