How was your Dream? is a documentary photography project made in Hong Kong during the protests between June and October 2019. Thaddé Comar explores these new forms of demonstration and insurrection in an era dominated by societies under constant control. The title refers to the allegorical phrase that the protesters used to share their experiences during the protests and to avoid being discovered. Using new codes that go beyond traditional photojournalism, Comar has documented the uprising and resistance of the Hong Kong democratic movement during the political transformation of the former English colony. Faced with the sophisticated deployment of governmental control, which includes facial recognition systems, geolocation, eavesdropping, infiltrations, water cannon, tear gas, helicopters and sonic weapons, the protesters developed a repertoire of invisibility and untraceability techniques that included lasers, masks, drones and encrypted communication. These photographs emphasize how new devices and forms of communication have transformed control and identification mechanisms, while new protest and resistance strategies have responded by hiding individuality and creating diffuse common identities.