At the origin of my artistic work is my blood family. 
In 2003, during my last year of art school, photography became a way to 
explore every aspect of my family story. 
The approach is frontal, figurative, documentary; the disturbing, dark content: 
my work is an outlet, it helps me to take a step back on an environment that I love 
but who overflows me. 
A nurturing house in the heart of a large park symbolizes this family where 
everything is lived intensely. 
It’s the work of art of a mother, we gather each other regularly. 
With time, travel, eternals returns, my soothed gaze has internalized. 
I see this house now as a spiritual playground, an imaginary space populated by 
symbols, enigmatic images, tender and cruel, drawn from a tale for children. 
Today, this work has spread to other families. 
The House of Happiness is a project put at the service of families.  
Anyone can participate.