Live and work in Paris France. Born in 1974.
I worked for the last 10 years on the thin line, which separate fiction and reality. And I have to confess than Fiction have now devours Reality…

For this serie “Here to stay”, I travelled during two years (2007/2008) all over the world to find places “in between”. In between beauty and Ugly, terrific and ordinary. Finally when I look at my pictures I think they are always “both”, more than “in-between”. They are ambiguous, ambivalent. Open to interpretations. My idea was to build a sort of personal mythology of postmodern spaces.

Extract from my Forward: “What are we going to do now, here, in this succession ob improbable places? We are feeble, caught in the snares of a megamachine. Passengers en route to a compromised destination.(…) I wanted to undertake this voyage to the heart of our contradictions, to visit the hidden face of our good consciences”
Robert Redford Wrote about this work (American edition of the book) “Here to stay is a hauntingly beautiful narrative, a meditation almost, reflective of how each action of our lives results in a impact, a consequence, a reaction somewhere else, near and far. In a decidedly ethereal manner, photographer Cedric Delsaux frames the collision of man and nature and the fragility of their dance together”.